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Who we are

MSDC is a Toronto based company through an alliance of concurrent professional Individuals, and Partners emerging from a variety of constituencies and visions, whose mission is to convey its vast professional knowledge and expertise into providing professional engineering services for existing and new development opportunities within Canada and emerging markets globally, venturing simultaneously to render the highest level of integrity, effective solutions and continuous satisfaction for strategically distinguished clients with due regard to highest quality and international standards and clients’ requirements beyond their anticipations.

Corporate Words

MSDC is a customer driven multi-skilled “Project management and design, Consultancy Company” that specializes in on-demand expertise. One of the main missions at MSDC is to deliver strategic solutions and advice for Mega strategic projects that focus is on delivering values as it includes many related abilities, such as capacities to reason, to plan, to solve problems, to think abstractly, to compare ideas and to bring vision to life.

Our professional essence in conveyed in terms of quality of what we offer; and of the conduct, demeanour and standards which guide it. This is part of our professionalism attempts to effectively participate into elevating the community by professionally upgrading both urban and human energy capacities through professionalization, hence resulting into improving standards leading to perk up societal status as complementary projects.

I believe that MSDC’s vision is a Canadian oriented with global trends and that its overall partnerships are local. By coupling vast professionalism with international partnership focusing on sustainable implementation of strategic projects will always lead to successful results benefiting our Partners and Clients. Our strategy is focused into creating an international market opportunity that allows providing supportive consultancy and development effective achieving success.

MSDC’s vision regards significant considerations ensuring creation of environmentally friendly zones utilizing latest smart eco-friendly development procedures by “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED).

We at MSDC are vowing that our corporate ethics are being sustained and valued by our Partners and Stakeholders as well as MSDC’s team ensuring utilizing the following:

We the MSDC family is looking forward to embrace successful visions and materialize them effectively utilizing high profiled intelligent professionalism with supreme ethics Finally, I put before you our company profile to familiarize yourself with. I am flattered to present MSDC to Canada and to the Global arena as one of the leading solution oriented consultancy company offering our potential Partners, Stakeholders, and Clients the tools to share with us our slogan “Bringing Vision Into Real Life”.


AL Janabi, M.Sc.CE (Hons), M.Sc.CE (USA)
Managing Principle and Founder